SPACES: Boutique Fairs Spring/Summer 2023

Summer 2023

Boutique Fairs, a highly-anticipated bi-annual shopping extravaganza with a rich 21-year history in Singapore, has been a dream for us. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in this renowned event for the first time ever, at its Spring/Summer 2023 Edition. Our excitement reached new heights when we learned that we were allocated a stunning space on Level 3, boasting a picturesque backdrop of the iconic Singapore River. We couldn't be more excited to showcase our products in such a spectacular setting.

During the planning process, we had a clear vision in mind: to cultivate a space that truly embodied our passion for slow living and the cherished rituals that accompany it. Our aim was to foster a welcoming environment where both new and familiar faces could come together and connect in comfort. To achieve this, we carefully curated a serene monochromatic palette, with a beautiful champagne-blush floral stand serving as a soft, delicate touch to complete the look.

To further enhance the experience, we set up a sensorial bar on one side of our space, inviting the community to try out our rituals in person, adding a tactile dimension to the shopping experience. The sensorial bar was a key element in our effort to create a warm and inclusive space where we could have casual conversations with our community.

Engaging in conversations is an essential part of our mission. We believe in fostering meaningful connections with our customers and always welcome the opportunity to listen to your feedback, answer questions, and learn more about your needs and preferences. We had the pleasure of connecting with many, and we cherished every conversation we had. These interactions not only help us improve and refine our products and services but also serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for us to continue pursuing our passion.

The response to our products was overwhelmingly positive, with our Nourishing Body Oil emerging as a clear favourite. We were thrilled to see that our body oil had completely sold out by the end of both Saturday and Sunday.

Participating in Boutiques was an unforgettable experience for us, one that left us feeling incredibly grateful and humbled. The warm reception we received from the community was truly heartwarming and it was immensely gratifying to see that our products resonated with many. We extend our sincere thanks to the team at Boutiques for providing us with this incredible opportunity and for creating a platform that fosters connection and community.

We hope to see everyone at our next showcase, till next time!


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