Sustainability is at the heart of Eartha. Every raw ingredient and packaging material is sourced and selected with sustainability in mind. We deliberate over every small detail, and it is an ongoing process for us to constantly search for eco-friendly options to minimise the impact of our brand on Mother Earth.

Sourcing and Formulating

At Eartha, we source our ingredients globally with a focus on both quality and commitment to sustainable and ethical practices.

We handcraft and package our rituals in-house, minimising the carbon footprint throughout the entire process of delivering our rituals to you. We take pride in creating small batches, ensuring our inventory remains fresher, more exclusive, and less wasteful.


Our packaging is designed to be reused, recycled or composted at the end of its lifespan. Glass bottles are used primarily due to its infinitely recyclable and reusable nature.

Our brand and gift cards are printed on recycled paper. Additionally, we collaborate with Balinese artisans to produce our brand pouches, utilising naturally-derived plant-based inks on organic, natural fibres and recycled paper. This initiative not only supports the Balinese community but also contributes positively to Mother Earth.

One Tree Planted with Every Order

We've partnered with One Tree Planted to plant trees.

Trees are like Earth’s superheroes: They clean out air and water, provide homes for wildlife, and contribute to our health. Planted more than 400 trees with them and counting.