Eartha Standards

At Eartha, we believe in transparency, integrity, and the power of nature. In our commitment to providing you with the finest in body care and aromatherapy, we introduce Eartha Standards — a testament to our unwavering dedication to clean formulations.


Free from harmful ingredients

Ethically Sourced


Defining Clean Rituals, Our Way

In an industry where the definition of "clean" can vary together with the absence of a universal standard, When we say "clean", we mean it. Eartha Standards proudly declares our rituals free from harmful additives, toxins, and unnecessary fillers. Our formulations undergo rigorous scrutiny to meet our high standards, ensuring that every Eartha ritual is a testament to the purity of nature.

Our formulations will never include the following:

To find out more about the ingredients we use in our formulations, visit our Ingredient Index.

Certified Organic vs Organically Grown Ingredients

To maintain transparency about our ingredients, we've specifically included an indication of whether an ingredient is certified organic, organically grown, or non-organic, together with the percentages for each ritual so you know what you're getting.