Our Philosophy

About Us

We create a purposeful collection of self care rituals, each imbued with intentional formulation and design. They are crafted to hold space for introspection, balance, and self-nourishment.

At Eartha, we want your experience with us to be human, intuitive, inclusive and deeply nourishing for your mind, body and soul.

Meaning of Eartha


[ur-thuh] • /ˈɜːrθə/
A combination of two beautiful words, Earth and atha.


Mother Earth provides for us unconditionally, sustaining our existence. Our brand embodies the essence of life, and Eartha symbolises a connection to the present and a profound appreciation for the life-giving force that nurtures us all.



A word in Sanskrit which translates to 'now,' serving as a powerful reminder to remain fully present in the moment. It encourages us to embrace the present rather than being consumed by thoughts of the past or concerns about the future.

Our Ethos

Eartha Standards

Transparency is our guiding principle.
We believe you deserve to know exactly what goes into the rituals you use. Eartha Standards is not just a label; it's an open book. Dive into our detailed ingredient index and understand the purpose behind each component.


Every raw ingredient and packaging material is sourced and selected with sustainability in mind. We deliberate over every small detail, and it is an ongoing process for us to constantly search for eco-friendly options to minimise the impact of our business to Mother Earth.