Kyoto Mornings: An Ode To Our Japanese Experience

Kyoto Mornings: An Ode To Our Japanese Experience

New In: Kyoto Mornings Mood Oil 

Introducing Kyoto Mornings, an exclusive, limited edition blend featuring key notes of light, refreshing Yuzu and grounding Hinoki. Inspired by our mornings strolls along the tranquil streets of Kyoto, this premium blend is deeply meditative, yet light and refreshing for diffusion to create a comfortable and calming vibe for your space, all while sipping a cup of usucha.



Esteemed as sacred and deeply significant in Japanese culture, Hinoki wood has been traditionally used in purification rituals, the construction of shrines and temples, and for crafting Japanese bathing tubs, known as onsen.


This prestigious fruit is closely associated with the winter season due to its superior cold resistance compared to other citrus fruits, it symbolises resilience and renewal. In Japan, it is believed that soaking in a yuzu bath (yuzu yu) on the winter solstice brings health and fortune for the new year. Additionally, the aroma of yuzu is thought to ward off bad luck. 


Trust us, your mind, body and soul will thank you for introducing this to your self care ritual.


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