PORTRAITS: Textile Designer and Artist, Matea Lehpamer

PORTRAITS: Textile Designer and Artist, Matea Lehpamer

"Taking time off for self-care and cherishing the moment is a very important part of the day."

Matea Lehpamer is an intuitive artist and a graduated textile designer based in Croatia. When stumbling upon the work created by Matea on Instagram, we were immediately drawn to her beautiful and organic illustrations. Her style is characterised by a neutral palette that perfectly complements the natural themes and elements of her artwork, and we were in awe of the intricacy in her details and textures she creates with her brush strokes. We resonated with her work and knew that she would be able to capture the essence of our brand perfectly in our eGift Card design.



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Hi Matea, could you introduce yourself and share a little more about what you do to our audience?

Hello everyone, thank you for being here. My name is Matea, I am a recently graduated textile designer and artist from Croatia and this is my story. My creative journey started at a very young age. I was always busy creating something, from art, jewelry, toys, candles, ceramics, costumes, and cakes, to finally digital art. Ever since finishing university, I followed my path and created Loamier Illustrations in hopes of connecting with other creatives and sharing my art with the world.


What motivated you to start an illustration business, and how has your journey as an entrepreneur and artist evolved over time?

Starting this illustration business was very unexpected. I received my diploma amid the global pandemic, and as job searching was difficult, I decided to share my art with the world and go from there. Firstly, I chose the name. I played with the letters of my last name and created - Loamier Illustrations. To gain an audience, I started with custom portraits, and people seemed to love what I did. Illustration by illustration my account grew and it allowed me to start playing with other types of design. I've had many amazing collaborations and projects by now and I enjoyed every single one of them. The focal point of my illustrations is usually a beautiful girl and some kind of scenic, magical background, always in a natural pastel color palette and earthy tones. The interesting fact about my creative process is that I rarely start with a sketch, I just draw as I go! This sense of freedom and the unknown is always exciting! My platform allowed me to experiment with my interests and soon I’d love to take everyone with me on a journey to children's book illustration.


We're curious. Could you describe your design space, and how you stay inspired while working on your projects? Are there any rituals that are essential to your workflow?

My design space would be any place where I can relax, and my favorite would be on the hammock by the beach. Nature is what keeps me inspired, taking a walk on a nice warm day and observing little things around me. When I’m at home, I like to keep myself hydrated, have Pinterest nearby, and have some show or podcast in the background! Rest time is also very important, you can't rush the creative process!


We know it might be difficult, but what is (to you) one of the most special projects you've done thus far?

I love what I do, connecting with people is always what makes a project stand out. It is amazing how ideas just flow when our visions collide. My most special project is the first children's book I’ve illustrated, 'Birth is Magic'. It's still in the works and should be published soon, but illustrating a book is something I’ve always dreamed of, and this is one of the pinch-me moments in my life. Hopefully, there is more to come!


Could you walk us through your creative process and thoughts when illustrating the design for SLOW RITUALS?

The most important thing when starting a project like this is carefully going through the creative brief and understanding the message behind it. When Vivian first messaged me, I took some time and went through the SLOW RITUALS platforms. I immediately saw how our brands align and I started taking some notes. It was important to create a relaxing scene that, at first glance transforms the viewer into that calm and magical place. To add depth, I like to play with different textures, and that's where the web becomes useful. I like to observe the materials and textures used in brand photography, all the details from floor to ceiling.


What is self care to you, and how do you practice it?

Self-care for me is my skincare routine, long, quiet relaxing baths, evening walks, daily workouts, and of course, my crafting time. Taking time off for self-care and cherishing the moment is a very important part of the day.


To end it off, do you have any words of advice for aspiring artists out there?

My advice for aspiring artists would be to take in everything that surrounds you as your inspiration and have fun with it. Everyday moments, scents, movements, feelings. Observe little things and write down details that would help you remember. Play around with different styles, be patient, and when you find yourself, be consistent!


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