Essential Oils: Delving into Their Transitory Aromas


Today, we dive into a common question that our Community might have encountered: Why do the scents of our aromatherapy rituals, such as Pulse Oils and Mood Sprays, as well as products they've encountered from brands which offer only 100% pure essential oil products, seem to dissipate quickly? In this post, we'll explore the science behind this phenomenon and offer some tips to maximise the longevity of your favourite essential oil scents.

Before we begin, we would also like to emphasise that whilst pure essential oils have beautiful scents, their main job is to be absorbed into our system through inhalation and skin absorption, to promote health and wellbeing. It would be a discredit to essential oils if we judge them only by the strength of scent and compare them with synthetic fragrance oils. Read more about the differences between essential oils and fragrance oils here.

1. Evaporation Factor

Essential oils are volatile compounds extracted from plants. When exposed to air, they start to evaporate, gradually releasing their aromatic molecules into the atmosphere. The roll-on application method of our Pulse Oils, which involves direct contact with the skin, provides a larger surface area for the oils to interact with air, accelerating the evaporation process. As a result, the scent of the Pulse Oils is perceived more strongly upon application but tends to diminish relatively quickly.

To mitigate the evaporation effect, consider applying the roll-on to pulse points on your body, such as the wrists, neck, or behind the ears. These areas generate more heat, which may slightly slow down the rate of evaporation, allowing the scent to linger a bit longer. Re-apply as frequently as you need or whenever you need a perk-me-up.

2. Desensitisation of our Sense of Smell

In our modern lifestyles, we are surrounded by a myriad of heavily fragranced commercial products, from perfumes to scented detergents. This continuous exposure to strong scents has a significant impact on our olfactory systems (sense of smell), desensitising it to some extent. This desensitisation can make it challenging for us to fully appreciate the delicate and nuanced aromas of pure essential oils, as they might not have the same immediate impact as the artificial scents we have grown accustomed to, hence perceiving them as weak or less potent.

To fully embrace and enjoy the benefits of these aromatherapeutic rituals, it may require a shift in our perception and expectations. Reduce the usage of strongly fragranced products as they are not only desensitising our sense of smell, they can also pose health risks for us in the long run. By recognising that the beauty of these oils lies in their natural and gentle essence, we can develop a deeper appreciation for their subtlety and the authentic aromas they offer. With time and consistent use, our olfactory system can readjust, allowing us to savour the true essence of essential oils and experience the therapeutic effects they bring to our well-being. 


3. Olfactory Fatigue

A familiar experience is the immediate awareness of a strong scent upon exposure, such as when we spritz perfume on our wrists. However, after some time, we may become unable to detect the scent ourselves, though others around us might still notice and compliment us for the fragrance we carry.

This phenomenon is known as olfactory fatigue, a chemical reaction where our nose becomes temporarily less sensitive to a specific scent after prolonged exposure to that airborne compound. Although the essential oils are still present in the air, our olfactory system adapts, causing the scent to seemingly fade for us while remaining detectable to others. This adaptation mechanism is entirely normal and an integral part of how our sense of smell functions.

Next time you use our Mood Sprays and Mood Oils and find that you no longer detect the scent after some time in the shower, this is also due to the same reason of olfactory fatigue.


Embracing aromatherapeutic self care rituals enriched with only natural ingredients offers a truly sensual and luxurious experience. While it may not match up with conventional expectations of strong scents and scent longevity, it is a beautiful opportunity to relish the joy and delight of adorning yourself with scents gifted by Mother Earth, with no addition of harmful synthetics and chemicals which could possibly provide more harm than good to our bodies.

In addition, even if the scent becomes less strong or you are unable to detect it after some time, it's important to know that the essential oils are still present in the air, allowing you to continue enjoying the full aromatherapeutic benefits they offer.

Note: If you're creating your own topical blends with essential oils, do not be tempted to add more essential oils that are above the dilution guideline just to increase the strength or longevity of scent as you might put the user of your blends at risk. 


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