Pulse Oils: Our Three Proprietary Blends

Pulse Oils: Our Three Proprietary Blends

Enter a realm where self care intertwines with the potency of botanicals. Discover the captivating allure of Pulse Oils, your natural path to elevating well-being. Drawing upon the ancient wisdom of plant extracts, these transformative elixirs pulse with life, replenishing equilibrium and awakening your senses. Each meticulously curated blend delivers distinctive advantages, nurturing the mind, body, and soul. Embrace the rhythmic essence of wellness, embark on a transformative quest, and unlock a vibrant, harmonious existence through the gateway of Pulse Oils.


After Dusk

Key Scents: Lavender and Geranium

Key Note(s): Floral

Purpose: Evenings, Rest, Yin Yoga

Within our collection of rituals, you'll discover a special focus on assisting our Community in achieving restful, rejuvenating sleep. After Dusk was thoughtfully crafted as a "safe scent" that we believe will be cherished by many and accessible to all. Its purpose is to create a serene ambience conducive to relaxation and help foster a night of deep tranquility. 


Sun Seeker

Key Scents: Ginger and Orange

Key Note(s): Citrus, Warm

Purpose: Mornings, Travel, Vinyasa Flow

Imagine strolling through a blossoming orange orchard, serenaded by the rustling leaves, while savouring the comforting warmth of a cuppa ginger tea.

Sun Seeker embodies the essence of an energizing sunbeam, carefully crafted with a delightful blend of citrus notes. Infused with the warmth of ginger, it strikes a harmonious balance, adding depth and dimension to counterbalance the otherwise sweet and flat tones. This unique formulation invites you to bask in the rejuvenating radiance of the sun, revitalising your senses with its vibrant and nuanced aroma.


Quiet Moments

Key Scents: Frankincense and Yuzu (with a hint of mint)

Key Note(s): Woody, Fresh, Mint

Purpose: Meditation, Mental Clarity, Work

Quiet Moments draws inspiration from the serene embrace of a secluded woodland scene. Embodying tranquility and introspection, the resonating essence of frankincense evokes a sense of deep stillness. Infused with the vibrant harmony of yuzu, capturing the gentle murmurs of sunlight filtering through the forest, this fragrance comes alive. A subtle hint of mint awakens a poetic symphony that lingers amidst the quiet woods, adding a touch of refreshing allure. Allow this enchanting fragrance to transport you to a realm of serenity, where nature's poetry softly whispers to your soul.


From day to night, from the comfort of home to your wildest travels, and from leisurely moments to the demands of work, our collection of three proprietary blends is here to support you. With a blend designed for every moment and mood, we've got you covered.


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